To promote Bonobos' new wedding-focused Groomshop collection, Colin Stark Creative partnered the brand with the social media savvy florist, Putnam & Putnam.  Together, we devised a photoshoot that wove Putnam & Putnam's wild, yet sophisticated floral design into a stunning backdrop for the Groomshop collection.   


In-Store/Window Design:  To extend the Groomshop campaign and provide a cohesive brand experience, Bonobos ran the floral aesthetic throughout their stores and window displays.

Social Media Influence:  As the campaign launched, Putnam & Putnam posted a series of images from the campaign to their quarter million+ social following.

Brand Blog Inclusion:  Bonobos profiled the guys on Equateur, their in-house editorial property.  Story can be found here


CLIENT: Bonobos


  • Influencer marketing
  • Photoshoot/set production
  • Creative direction
  • Social media/content rollout
  • In-store visual design

🕙 TIMING:  Spring 2016